Devblog 25: Beetles! Economics!

Month Fourteen When Jamie said "the internet is a mess and I hate it", I suspected he wasn't enjoying network programming. Frustrations regarding IPv4 versus IPv6 aside, he has completed the core networking task, and is happy for now. Unfortunately for Jamie, there's more mess to it than that. Matchmaking with strangers over the internet … Continue reading Devblog 25: Beetles! Economics!

Devblog 24: Meet the Androids

Month Thirteen Jamie and I have almost completed our two largest challenges: networking and pathfinding respectively. The next tasks will be technically simpler, and provide the core gameplay loops necessary for a Real Time Strategy experience; base building, resource gathering, etc. Jamie's work in particular has allowed us to finally upgrade our engine, from Unity … Continue reading Devblog 24: Meet the Androids

Devblog 22: Making Flocking Great Again

Month Eleven This month Jamie and I were working together to make the terrain creation logic network ready. We encountered various problem which are typical of game development; the player intuitively expects everything to behave sensibly, but each sensible behaviour is actually a collection of many little pieces of logic which have to be strung … Continue reading Devblog 22: Making Flocking Great Again