Devblog 32: Synchronisation Solved (for now)

Month Twenty One This month the team finally resolved a significant technical challenge, and have (so far) fixed network determinism. This is the proud (and nervous) conclusion of over a year's work on multiple interrelated systems: lockstep, movement, combat, fog of war, user interface, etc. Additionally, Jamie has integrated weapon art (and many other animations … Continue reading Devblog 32: Synchronisation Solved (for now)

Devblog 27: Programming, Leadership, and Professionalism

Month Sixteen It is alleged that Stalin once said "quantity has a quality all its own". While this applies to total war on the eastern front, it most certainly does not apply to code: more is not better. Programming is like writing novels, a good writer does not publish their first draft. Completion is far … Continue reading Devblog 27: Programming, Leadership, and Professionalism

Devblog 25: Beetles! Economics!

Month Fourteen When Jamie said "the internet is a mess and I hate it", I suspected he wasn't enjoying network programming. Frustrations regarding IPv4 versus IPv6 aside, he has completed the core networking task, and is happy for now. Unfortunately for Jamie, there's more mess to it than that. Matchmaking with strangers over the internet … Continue reading Devblog 25: Beetles! Economics!