Devblog 33: Not Over By Christmas

Month Twenty Two

During the First World War, Allied propaganda claimed that the war would be “over by Christmas”. It was not. And our work will most certainly not be over by Christmas either.

However, this month the team have been adding new features and refining old ones, such as overhauling user interfaces and mineral gathering, as well as improving pathfinding and player spawning. At times, this has been more than a little frustrating. What appears intuitive and simple to the player, in terms of how agents should behave, requires extensive work. Progress has also been made toward the realisation of load/save functionality. Concept art has been drawn for the final iteration of the buildings, and more animations have been integrated.

Next month’s productivity will be somewhat less, owing to Christmas holidays. However, we have decided that if Jamie is the Riker to my Picard, then James is definitely Commander Data.

Merry Christmas.

Our faces when the logical consequences of our code are writ large on screen.