Devblog 31: Hiring Again

Month Twenty

Tomorrow is the first day for our newest employee (James McDermott). James, Jamie, and I will get together, introduce James to the codebase, and review working practices. In doing so we’ll also need to review the codebase and note any necessary refactoring.

James is a much needed addition to the team, as a project as multifaceted as this requires work within numerous specialist domains. For two programmers, that can at times be exhausting and frustrating. So we’ll be happy to delegate entire domains to James, which will free up some cognitive bandwidth. Some people enjoy juggling tasks from radically different domains, to satisfy a natural restlessness. But for others, it is because they are doing so many different things, that they don’t feel they are gaining mastery over anything.

Having a new programmer allows us to start developing the technology to create single player missions, which requires saving and loading games, as well as a map editor. That code will be essential for delivering a demo for publishers in six months time, and allows Jamie and I to struggle on with other tasks, such as networking, user interfaces, and pathfinding.