Devblog 13: Month One

It has been a month since full time work began on 13 January.  Finally, light flickers at the end of the tunnel of technical challenges.  A lot has happened, but it has been overwhelmingly technical, so I won’t bore you with details.

Time spent trying to understand someone else’s code is frustrating, hours spent reading doesn’t feel productive.  Especially when feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the task at hand.

There is new concept art, but it’s not ready to show.  I didn’t think I’d be quite so stressed doing what I’ve always wanted to do, but mercifully this isn’t constant.  At least, as the technical solution slowly takes shape there’s less anxiety hanging around.  During the early stages of any ambitious or ambiguous work self doubt is at its most distracting.  Especially when working alone, so having programmer friends is indispensable.

Month Two should certainly feel busier, as there’s less mystery about what is left to do to achieve a working deterministic (multiplayable) system.  Preparing Lockstep and Pathfinding libraries for integration has been no joke.  Integration will consume the coming month, along with finalising character concept art.

After all this time, the game design feels less flimsy.  It has been years of arguing with myself.  Though, there are still some questions to resolve, but the core of what will make this game unique and fun is obvious.  Ideas are like wine, best left to age in the cellar of the mind.

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