Devblog 9 : New Home! New Ideas!

Some of you may [not] have wondered where I’ve been.  Turns out relocating for a new job soaks up a lot of time and money.  I’ve moved from Edinburgh to Belfast.  I really like Edinburgh, and will miss seeing the baby swans in Inverleith Park grow up.  I disgress.

For now Norn Industries is back in the homeland!  The time away from my project has allowed me the chance to reflect, and I have had some ideas… some ideas which will require a lot of work to realise.  But that’s fine.  When I started this project I was under no illusions that it would be easy or quick.

From the start I have wanted to blend buildings and terrain into one big playground the player has complete control over.  Real time map design becomes part of your strategy.  But I’ve always felt nagged that as my design has evolved, it has stayed too loyal to old RTS paradigms.  The building is now navigable in a way it has never been before, but it’s still just a building.  And that just isn’t innovative enough.  My aspiration feels unsatisfied.

It has been said that you should always discard the first idea that comes to mind.  Lots of other people will likely have the same idea.  The second idea should also be ignored.  Less people will have thought of it, but still quite a few.  The third, fewer still realise.  But fourth or fifth?  That may be interesting.

It feels like I’ve redesigned the terrain and building systems enough already.  This will be the fourth iteration of the terrain system, and perhaps the fifth redesign of the buildings.  But the new idea is definitely the best I’ve had yet for this project, and I’m really excited about trying to make it a reality.  I’m also more than a little tired after three weeks of rapid change.  I’m going to enjoy a long sleep tonight.

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