Devblog 7 : The Lion the Witch and the Stealth Witch Hunter

I may have taken liberties with the word lion… and there’s no wardrobe yet.  But the last part is definitely accurate.  Each unit in the game belongs to a Clade and a Role.  These two terms represent types which have unique strengths and weaknesses.

The most basic Clade is the Amphibian, and the most basic role is the Regular.  If the player chooses to research more advanced technology they will unlock more Clades and Roles.  Advanced Clades include Mammal, Reptile, and Bird.  Eventually, when I can afford something better than programmer art, the units will looks like robot Egyptian gods; humanoid with animal heads.

Unlocking all basic Roles allows the creation of Regulars, Counters, and Guards.  Counters specialise in defeating their own Clade, but not much else.  Guards invert their Clade’s normal strengths and weaknesses, but not much else.

Advanced unit Roles include Armour, Witch, and Stealth.  These are powerful specialists who excel at specific combat roles.  Armour are very strong, and can absorb a lot of damage from basic unit types.  Witches are fragile, but they can steal enemy units.  Stealth become invisible while they’re not attacking, and deal a lot of damage to witches.

For most units one Armour is an intimidating threat, but the biggest threat to any Armour is one Witch.  Witches can be easily killed by a mob of basic units which would otherwise be destroyed by Armour.  Stealth are the best witch hunters in the game, and can provide invaluable intelligence on the enemy given their invisibility.


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