Devblog 5 : Units

There are four unit types, each with common subtypes.  These types and subtypes have armour and damage bonuses in a rock paper scissors style.  The player has access to as much of this information as possible.  I didn’t want a game which hid information, I wanted it to be obvious so the player can quickly figure things out.

Unit types also have different projectiles.  The most basic unit type’s projectiles simply deal damage to the thing they’ve hit.  More advanced types vary, some deal splash damage, other pass through multiple targets and so deal damage in a straight line, and others pass through everything to only deal damage to the target area.

The player can choose to change their unit’s combat stance.  Aggressive by default, units normally shoot and chase any hostiles they can see.  Defensive units will shoot but not move, and when units are told to Hold Fire they won’t do anything unless they’ve been told.

Units can use their ranged weapon or a melee weapon.  When a unit engages another in melee it forces that target into melee.  This can be useful if you want to deny an enemy unit the use of a powerful ranged weapon.

Players can choose to purchase super weapons, which can be picked up by anyone and enhance the unit’s ranged stats.  If the unit using the weapon dies, it will be dropped and again can be picked up by anyone.

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