Devblog 4 : Forts

Instead of building a base, players create forts.  Forts are composed of modules, and each module provides the fort with a unique advantage, such as unlocking things to build or increasing construction speeds.  Each fort is independent, and provides its own resources, energy, and technology.  Players can easily choose which floor to interact with by using the mouse wheel.

Players can expand an existing fort, or build a new fort.  New modules extend the fort.  New forts can only be created by first making a building block.  This can then be picked up by a unit, and deployed somewhere else.  Be careful!  Enemies can steal unguarded building blocks.

Forts and modules cannot be destroyed.  They must be captured or disabled.  Bringing a unit to a hostile fort’s console will initiate a shutdown timer.  When this timer expires the module will not be able to be used by anyone.  To reboot the module, a friendly unit has to be brought to the console.

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