Devblog 32: Synchronisation Solved (for now)

Month Twenty One This month the team finally resolved a significant technical challenge, and have (so far) fixed network determinism. This is the proud (and nervous) conclusion of over a year's work on multiple interrelated systems: lockstep, movement, combat, fog of war, user interface, etc. Additionally, Jamie has integrated weapon art (and many other animations … Continue reading Devblog 32: Synchronisation Solved (for now)

Devblog 29: Manifest Good Vibes (With Good UI)

Month Eighteen The User Interface (UI) is a critical component of any digital product, whether a website, mobile app, or game. It must be inviting and intuitive, and sometimes what is necessary goes beyond functionality. As an immersive experience, games need to create an ambience for the player. Disco Elysium does a wonderful job of … Continue reading Devblog 29: Manifest Good Vibes (With Good UI)